What's in the Park

We couldn't begin to tell you about everything in the park. For starters, it's changing all the time! But below you can find some information on the various features and facilities available, from the playgrounds to some of the corners that even regular visitors may have missed.

Why not come and have a look around? You may find something that we haven't.

NEW cycling courses for 2014 and beyond!

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is now offering FREE bike training courses at Platt Fields Park from October.

Group sessions are led by qualified instructors, with bikes and helmets provided (but you’re welcome to bring your own if you prefer).     

  • Learn to Ride is aimed at people who have never ridden, have not done so for a while or are generally lacking in skills and/or confidence
  • Road Rider Ready sessions are for people who can already cycle but need more guidance and a chance to practice
  • To find out more about bike training in general visit the TfGM website

    You can find out dates and times and book a course in Platt Fields here

    If you want to ask TfGM a question, email them here

    For Children

    For young children there are two playgrounds in the park. As well as these are some other climbing platforms behind the Lakeside Centre.

      toddlers' play area

    The Toddlers' Playground

    The Childrens' Play Area to the left of the Lakeside Centre (as you face it) is for children up to the age of five. It was built with the help of the SureStart group.

    The Other Playground

    The Playground on the other side of the Lakeside Centre is for children up to the age of 9.
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    Sports and Activities

    The area to the South of the lake is occasionally described as the teenage village. This is a little misleading as there is no upper limit on who is allowed to skateboard or play basketball. I'm not sure if the name even includes the bowling greens!

      the bmx track

    The BMX Track

    The BMX Track is the most recent addition to the sports facilities in the park. It is open most of the time so anyon can turn up and have a go. You will need appropriate equipment as there are regulations regarding safety equipment etc.

    The BMX track is generally open for community and public use but it is also regularly used by Manchester BMX for training and events.

    Manchester BMX Website
      the skate park

    The Skate Park

    Platt Fields is lucky to have a great set of ramps which are regularly used by locals of all ages.
    the Boating Lake

    The Lake

    The lake is hard to miss. Squarely in the middle of the park, it's a beautiful haven for wildlife.
    basketball court

    Basketball and Tennis Courts

    There are two basketball courts. One is an older court. The other is part of a new complex, comprising of the basketball court and two tennis courts with fixed railing nets.
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    There are various interesting features in the park. Here are a few to get you started.

      Lakeside Centre

    The Lakeside Centre

    The Lakeside Centre is the office for Manchester Leisure's Central Park Division and meeting space for the Friends (and other community groups). The offices may be contacted directly: 0161 224 2902

    The Boathouse

    The Boathouse has several different uses:
    • It provides a workshop space for family activities in the park.
    • It is the base for the Model Boat Club.

      Platt Hall

    Platt Hall

    Located in the North East corner of the park, Platt Hall is home to the Manchester Art Galleries Gallery of Costume. It houses an important collection of costumes and started refurbishment in March 2009 - it is due to re-open in April 2010. Built of brick in 1762-64 it is an interesting building in its own right.
    the Shakespearean Garden

    The Shakespearean Garden

    These beautifully sculpted gardens are designed to be from around the time of Shakespeare.

    Tucked away in the south eastern corner of Platt Fields - known as "Ashfields" - even some regular visitors miss this area.
    the Eco Garden

    The Eco Garden

    These areas have been created by volunteers from Powwow Eco Arts. Follow the link to find out more about what they've done with the area.

    Volunteers, placements and artists are welcome to help with the project - further details can be found on the news page.
    the Nico Ditch

    The Nico Ditch

    The Nico Ditch is one of the oldest features in the park and is part of an ancient, five mile long defensive earthwork. You can read more about it on the park history page.

    Community Orchard

    The orchard is located beside the park carpark and contains a huge range of fruit and nuts. Which ones can you find?
    Cathedral Arch

    Cathedral Arch

    Again, located in the Ashfields area of Platt Fields, the arch was previously part of the Manchester Cathedral knave stonework. It was installed at Manly Hall before being subsequently moved to Platt Fields.
    Rose Garden

    The Rose Garden

    The Rose Garden is in the North East of the park beside Platt Hall. It contains the Queen Elizabeth Coronation Fountain, which was presented to the city to in 1953 and was re-sited in the park from Piccadilly Gardens in 2002 by none other than the Friends of Platt Fields!
    Rose Garden
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