Plans and Projects

  We have dozens of different projects that we are working on all the time so they are divided up into:

  1. Current Projects - ones we are working on now
  2. Future Projects - long term
  3. Special Centenary Projects - competed for 2010


A. Current Projects

Activity in the Park (Volunteer Sunday)

Volunteer Sunday - On the 3rd Sunday.
Small jobs undertaken by group activity, including: weeding, planting, pruning, Bulb Planting, Painting, Clearing Up Lake, construction, fencing, sculpture...


Updating our collection of Press Cuttings
doing 'taped' oral history memories, collecting photos, etc.
archiving all newsletters, minutes etc
collecting photos for Christmas card selections etc

BMX Track

Monitoring use, resolving small problems.

The Boathouse

Pushing for refurbishment, partitioning the 2 spaces, shelving and equipping it properly for use by Friends and wardens.

Ecology Survey of Park

Being done this winter by Greater Manchester Ecology Unit.

Spaceshapers Day

A questionnaire and survey of how we would like the park to be used and developed. Participants from Friends, user groups, statutory bodies. Jan/Feb 2009.

Friends Membership Leaflet and Stickers

A new Membership / information leaflet about the Friends is being designed - to increase membership and interest. Lapel stickers for events such as bonfire night, where large numbers of people are passing and will not want to be given paper (website address given on these).


This project is to protect and bring back into use a former picnic area that has been completely spoilt by geese. It has already had planters and the TRIM garden put on it.

We are now awaiting fencing and grass seed 'injections' to take it through the winter. Then we shall make an interpretive sign to explain this project.

Lake Survey

To be carried out by Environment Agency in October 2008, prior to restocking lake with Fish.

Predator Cages - to be installed on Lake Bottom

To protect fish from predators (Cormorants & Herons) - to be fitted over the Summer of 2008.

Reed beds / planting floating 'islands' - to be installed in Lake

- To provide sanctuary for fish from predators
- To provide cover for nesting birds.

Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile

- A mile walk / run around the lake.
- It used to be marked with some kind of stones, we'd like it to be marked out again

Ongoing Maintenance of Friends Projects

A) Labyrinth and Mosaics
Refurbishment work needed on some of the peace mosaics
Pruning of Dragon willow; replacing of white stone markings

B) Schools Planters

C) TRIM garden

D) Eco garden - planters; vegetable patch; herb bed; pizza oven; grass sofa

Ongoing Projects

Fundraising - to enable the projects to go ahead!
Membership campaign - recruiting and engaging new members
Green Flag Application - 2009


B. Future Projects (2009 Onwards)

Barbecue Area(s)

- (or picnic tables with circular metal barbecue shelves in - like they have in Ireland)
- So people can make use of this & make less burn marks all over the grass (or at least lessen them)

Bicycle Racks

To be installed at Mabfield Rd, Grangethorpe Rd, & Platt Lane entrances.

Birdwatch Survey

Victor to arrange this with RSPB / BTO. Birdwatchers are needed to assist.

Fenced & enclosed 'Off Lead' Dog Walking Area

For Dog Walkers - for exercise and dog training.

Friends 'Exhibition Panel' in Lakeside Centre Entrance

Low Level Maze

- To go in one of the 'alcoves' backing onto Hart Rd
- Waist high 'Children's Maze' made of prickly thorns so kids wont try and break through it.

Platt Lane Complex - Opening Up into the Park

We have started discussions about opening up the fence so that the park & 'The Dome' are one again during opening hours (although fence to be closed at night). They would also like this and are seriously considering how to develop more things in tandem with the park.

Recycling bays, bins and collection system

To cut down the amount of litter collecting that needs to be done, especially after events.
Sustainable recycling to be developed in top yard - for leaves, mowings, weeds, earth, woodchip etc.
Recycling barbecue system to be developed

Shakespearean Garden Plants

Research project to discover plant names - and organise to replant gardens.

Solar Lighting Along Walkways

For events.

Teenage Village - Repairs ?

The roofs of 2 units have been removed because supports became rotten - what is happening to them ?

Yellow Brick Path

- Children's cycle trail round the park.
- With 'willow archways' only high enough for small children to get under

Treasure Hunt - Annual Special Event

Would like to develop this so it becomes a 'can't miss' in the Manchester calendar.

Pensioners' Gym

- Need to value older people using the park.
- A Pensioners Gymnasium was shown on TV in March, erected in North Manchester - one be built here?


C. Special Centenary Projects - completed for 2010

Major Archive Exhibition

- Travelling Archive
- 'Park Centenary Booklet'
- Blue Badge Guided walk to illustrate the booklet

Replacing the Clock on the Boathouse

Commemorative Plaques about key people and events

Film Programme

- A Short Film Commission with Reel Manchester.
- an archive film night, using film from NW Film Archive, possibly in the groovy Movie Picture House tent.

Costumed Events

- Float in civic parades in 2009/10.
- Costumes through the ages catwalk.
- A theatrical pageant of the park.

A Mini Resurrection of the Manchester Show

Heritage Events

- courting couples reunion
- soapbox resurrected!

Centenary Celebration Itself

- Formal Centenary
- Fireworks
- Festival / Huge tea party
- Telegram from the queen

A Poem for Platt Fields

Shakespearean Gardens

- Replanting them with original plants.
- Performance of a Shakespearean Play at Gardens.


Commissioning a new Statue / Sculpture on the Plinth

Where Abraham Lincoln once was.


- Creating a Woodland Walk and tree trail.
- Planting a centenary oak tree.
- Hosting a tree portrait exhibition.

All events in the park in 2010 to designate themselves "centenary..."

Local groups to be encouraged to hold their own activity during the year.